Friday, May 6, 2011

Charlotte Fort Mill Residential Home Remodeling Builder Beck Design Group

Charlotte Fort Mill Baxter Village home remodeling contractor Beck Design Group.Beck Design Group recently completed a large residential remodeling project for a Charlotte Fort Mill homeowner that included the installation of all wood floors throughout the home.

Upgrading and replacing wood floors in your home can bring you unparalleled beauty, wonderful durability and functionality, and solid return on investment.  Hardwood flooring is one of the best home improvements you can possibly make. Although it can be a significant expense to completely re-floor your property, the outlay will come back to you when you come to sell.

If you are not intending to sell, then you will benefit greatly as the years go by from having a durable and hard wearing surface. There may even be benefits beyond the financial, as the carpet surfaces which are typically needed to cover soft floors can be a source of trouble to allergy sufferers.

By a careful choice of flooring hardwood floors can eliminate this problem for good. Carpets can be a collecting ground for mold, and a breeding ground for dust mites. These can aggravate a great number of allergy conditions, as well as potentially leading to respiratory problems later in life as well.

Charlotte Fort Mill residential home remodeling contractor builder Beck Design Group.

Charlotte Fort Mill home remodeling contractor and builder Beck Design Group.

If you live in a cold climate, and especially if you ever suffer from rheumatism or any other similar condition, you will find that hardwood flooring can reduce your pain as well. The wood remains warmer than other types of flooring, as air is trapped in the wood itself.

Beck Design Group works with Charlotte and Fort Mill homeowners on all types of remodel projects, including upgrading and replacing wood flooring!  Call Adam Ferrara at 803-476-7908 or email to schedule a private meeting to discuss remodeling and renovation ideas for your home!