Monday, July 18, 2011

Charlotte Fort Mill Residential Home Remodeling Contractor Builder List of Survival Tips for Remodeling!

Charlotte Fort Mill residential home remodeling contractor builder Beck Design Group.One of the first steps to all of our Beck Design Group home remodeling projects is to work with you to educate and inform you about the specific process that will be taken to complete your home remodeling project.  We feel that information and communication is key in reducing our client’s stress and worry and minimizing our client’s possible inconveniences or interruptions to the family during the remodeling process.

With this in mind, we have developed our own Top 10 List of How to Survive Your Charlotte or Fort Mill Home Remodeling Project managed by Beck Design Group.

Tip #1: Plan for everyday life.

Your house may be in shambles, but you’ll still want hot meals, a snug bed, a refreshing shower, and clean clothes. Seek safe harbor away from the confusion by staying at a motel, taking refuge with a kind relative, or even moving into a travel trailer or recreational vehicle.

But don’t go so far away from home that you lose touch with the project. If you can, or must, live at home during remodeling, rearrange rooms before work begins. To prepare for a kitchen makeover, move your microwave and refrigerator to a place where they can still be used. If the water will be turned off for long periods of time, order bottled water and scout out a place for showers. A bedroom may even become a combination living room/kitchen for awhile.

Tip #2: Keep waste in its place.

There’s no way to avoid a mess when remodeling. But the tide of rubble, trash, and dust can be contained. Home remodeling contractor and builder serving Charlotte and Fort Mill Beck Design Group.Before the swing of the first hammer, we will work out waste logistics with you. Hang tarps in doorways to seal off rooms where remodeling is under way. Establish a plan for handling waste materials so they will be routed away from sensitive areas, such as gardens or porches, and hauled away on a regular basis. If floors need protection, see to it that they are covered up.

Tip #3: Defend against air pollution.

When determining the timetable, pin down the periods when glues, finishes, or other odorous materials will be used. Make certain the house will be properly, even excessively, ventilated when smells are at their peak. Escape to Grandma’s.

Tip #4: Protect your Property from Dust.

Some dust will always drift out of work areas. Electronic equipment, fine furniture, or other valuables should be covered or removed. Also, keep expensive telephones out of the remodeling area.

Tip #5: Communicate with Beck Design Group…We will with You.

Residential home remodeling contractor and builder Beck Design Group serving Charlotte and Fort Mill.Keep the lines of communication open and stick to your plans as much as possible. Mid-course project changes often lead to unexpected service charges.

Tip #6: Let your neighbors know.

Whenever you decide on renovating your home, make sure the neighbors know. You wouldn’t want to take on any brawls with the neighbors over noise issues. Take along a basket of muffins or invite them over for a party after the renovation. They will surely be cooperative if you take on a positive and friendly attitude.

Tip #7: This is the perfect time to eliminate clutter.

What a great time to go through all of your closets and storage spaces to eliminate items like the old wardrobes, exercise equipment gathering dust in your garage, clothes that haven’t been worn for over two years, old books and keepsakes that are never used, old linens, and items stored in the garage. You’ll be surprised at the reclaimed space that suddenly is available. It will make you feel good during your remodeling project plus it will give you new space!

Tip #8: Protect Your Belongings.

Remove pictures from walls and store fragile items away from the work area. Lock up or remove valuables. Roll up area rugs and store them out of the way. Seal clothing and linens in plastic bags. We will tape plastic sheets to doorways, windows and air vents to seal off Charlotte Fort Mill outdoor patio porch remodeling contractor Beck Design Group.rooms where remodeling is under way. If we are building an addition, we will not break into the main house until the last possible moment so most of the mess will be outside for most of the project. If floors need protection, we will see to it that they are covered up. If you have any special protection requirements, please let us know as soon as possible.

Tip #9: Protect Your Plants.

If we are going to be working in and around your garden or shrubs, you need to move those plants. Before we start, decide which plants you want to save. Saving plants during a remodel means digging them up and potting them; or digging and heeling them in some place away from the construction site. Let us know which plants might be damaged. We do all we can to protect them, but keep in mind that if we are digging a foundation three feet from your clematis arbor, some damage is almost inevitable.

Tip #10: Prepare yourself for a roller coaster of emotions.

Your initial excitement will nose dive once the mess, noise and organized confusion of remodeling begin. At different stages in the process, it’s perfectly normal for your feelings to go up and down. Expect it to happen. Just remind yourself that your original enthusiasm will return with interest when the remodeling is finished and your beautiful new space is ready to use.

Beck Design Group works on all types of home remodeling projectskitchen remodels, master bedroom remodels, bathroom remodels, patio/porch remodels, outdoor living area remodels, attic/basement remodels, and every room in between!  Call Adam Ferrara of Beck Design Group at 803-746-7908 or email to schedule a private appointment at your home to discuss your home remodeling ideas!

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