Friday, June 15, 2012

Custom Kitchen Cabinets & Kitchen Remodeling in Charlotte, NC with Hardwoods and Softwood Selections

One of our favorite projects at Beck Design Group with all of our homeowners is the custom remodeling or construction of a new kitchen.  The kitchen is usually the center of busy activity in every home.  Remodeling and designing new kitchens gives our wood craftsmen the opportunity to hand-build cabinets and case goods.

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“Nothing is prettier than seeing one of our team members take a beautiful piece of hardwood like cherry, oak or maple and begin the course of building a custom cabinet,” says Adam Ferrara with Beck Design Group.  “I think it’s the entire process of the smell of the wood, the sound of the hand tools, and the emergence of the shape and design of each cabinet.”

Wood Choices for Kitchen Cabinets


We believe that the best and most durable wood is hardwood, and it is also the most expensive.Charlotte custom cherry and oak cabinet maker Beck Design Group.

  • Cherry is a lovely closed-grain wood and is ideal for cabinets. Cherry does turn more red over time when it is exposed to direct sunlight.  Very pretty.
  • Oak is one of the most durable hardwoods you will find and it is also very attractive. It is especially great for kitchen cabinets because is holds very well when exposed to moisture.
  • Maple is another excellent type of wood that looks great in kitchen cabinetry.
  • Rosewood is a red wood. It is absolutely gorgeous and very expensive.


  • Cedar is a great softwood that lasts a very long time, and this wood not only looks good, but it smells sweet.
  • Pine is one of the most often-used softwooods because it is good quality and is also easy to hand craft.
  • Redwood is another good softwood that is also great for crafting custom kitchen cabinets. It also looks great when you use almost any kind of stain or finish with it.

Beck Design Group designs, builds and installs any type of custom cabinetry or case goods for every style imaginable.  Call Adam Ferrara with Beck Design Group at 803-746-7908 or email us to schedule a private meeting at your home to discuss ideas for remodeling your kitchen and your kitchen cabinets.