Friday, August 26, 2011

Charlotte and Fort Mill Attic Remodeling Trends Include Home Theater Rooms

Charlotte Fort Mill attic remodeling project into home theater room with Beck Design Group.You may have guessed that the hottest attic remodeling trend would be a play room, or a bonus room, or a new master suite.  Actually, the hottest attic remodeling trend in Charlotte and Fort Mill is a transformation into a new home theater!

So what is new in home theaters across Charlotte and Fort Mill?  Everything is, of course!  Homeowners are remaining in their existing homes and not moving around as often.  So remodeling attic and basement spaces are hot projects around our area.

While home theater remains its own category, the lines are blurring.  Home automation, Web-based mobile apps and streaming Internet content are converging. The home theater experience is becoming the integrated entertainment component of today’s homeowner-centric smart-home that includes security, lighting, heating and cooling, and convenience.  It’s all accessible, programmable and definitely cool.  And that means that an unused space in the home needs to turn into a usable space.

The home theater technology is definitely a hot market and the physical components and technologyCharlotte Fort Mill home theater and attic conversion contractor Beck Design Group.are becoming more affordable as time passes.  Depending on the structure of your home, an attic conversion for your new home theater room may be straight forward or it could entail modifying the structure of your house.

For example, ceilings may have to be raised, truss system reconfigured, etc.  No matter what is required, Beck Design Group has the expertise, knowledge and experience to ensure the work is done according to building code and regulations, ensuring the integrity of your home and its structure, and providing you with safe, accessible living space to fit your lifestyle.

Beck Design Group will complete the entire attic conversion for you…from design to material choices to construction to installation of the home theater.  To find out more about converting your attic or basement into a home theater room, call Adam Ferrara at Beck Design Group at 803-746-7908 or email  We look forward to giving you the hottest attic remodeling trend in Charlotte and Fort Mill!

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