Thursday, January 26, 2012

Building a New Home with a Charlotte Custom Home Builder

Building a new custom home or remodeling an existing home can introduce a new level of “worry” for some homeowners.  Homeowners who have never built a custom home or planned a major remodeling or renovation project before need hundreds of questions answered over thousands of moving parts.

Beck Design Group approaches custom home building and remodeling from a different vantage point with our customers.  At the very top of every project list is communication with you, the homeowner.  We give you the 10,000-foot view and the 1-foot view to help you understand what is happening, how everything relates to the overall timeline and budget, as well as answering every question along the way.  Communication is key.

Charlotte custom home builder Beck Design Group and Adam Ferrara.

As your custom home builder and remodeler, we take responsibility for every aspect of every project.  This frees you up to continue your life, family and career while we manage everything.  Here are some key aspects that our Beck Design Group customers enjoy about our process:

  • We provide a total turnkey approach – we manage every phase, every contractor, every nail;
  • We select, hire and manage all of the craftsmen and contractors for your project;
  • We put you in the driver’s seat for material, color and design selections;
  • We take fiscal responsibility for managing your project and keeping it within budget;
  • Our approach is like we are building our own house or remodeling our own project.

The best way to really understand how Beck Design Group is a different type of Charlotte custom home builder and remodeler is to meet with our builder, Adam Ferrara.  Call Adam to schedule a private meeting at 803-746-7908 or email  Then you will really “know” that Beck Design Group is the perfect custom home builder and remodeler for your Charlotte home!