Thursday, February 2, 2012

Being a Top Charlotte Custom Home Builder Requires Special & Unique Qualities

Building your new home is one of the largest projects that most homeowners will ever undertake.  There are many decisions, resources and timelines that you will be included in during the custom home building process.

So, while you’re evaluating custom home builders to include on your “short list”, please think about these superior qualities that we at Beck Design Group have instilled into our home building process:

1.  Know the actual home builderAdam Ferrara is our builder at Beck Design Group.  He has extensive experience working with large builders prior to opening Beck Design Group.  Adam handles EVERY custom home design and build project…no exceptions.  This is a HUGE benefit to you because the owner of our company works with you first-hand through the entire process.

Charlotte custom home builder Adam Ferrara with Beck Design Group.

2.  Does the home builder share your vision? This one is crucial.  We work for you.  Our number goal is to ensure that your vision, needs, wants and dreams are the central core of your new custom home.  That is all that matters to us.  We’re building your home for YOU, so we will take your vision and make it happen.

3.  Is your builder financially strong? Beck Design Group is a very successful and financially strong custom home building company.  We are professionally bonded and have top-notch ratings with financial institutions, contractors, vendors and community business associations.  We are the perfect choice for being your custom home builder!

4.  Does your builder have a good reputation? Because we build top-notch custom homes and live and work in the community gives you added comfort that Beck Design Group is the absolute solid and quality choice to be your next custom home builder.  Plus you can see our work and talk with our home building clients.  They’ll tell you how smooth the process is and how reliable we are to delivering what we say.

These are top qualities that you should demand from your Charlotte custom home builder.  These qualities are a normal part of our company’s everyday work.  To schedule a private meeting with our builder, Adam Ferrara, please call Beck Design Group at 803-746-7908 or email  We promise that you will see and experience the qualities that make us the exceptional Charlotte custom home builder.